It’s the Small Things…

April 17

In the five plus years of my tenure as the President of Amarillo Children’s Home I have literally observed miracles. I have seen kids pulled from tragic places to be reborn both spiritually and personally. I have witnessed the restoration of identity and experienced the...

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Merry Christmas!

December 12

I realize I wasn’t asked, but I can’t help wondering if there wasn’t a better way… A baby? A manger? During the census? God has all things, all power and every moment at His fingertips, and subtle is the direction He chooses? Fire raining from...

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Saying Goodbye

November 26

When you work at a place like Amarillo Children’s Home, you find your emotions get turned upside down. You have to dig in and navigate deep waters of feelings. As we enter this Christmas season, I find myself feeling exceptionally grateful and deeply sad at the...

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December 22

That Of Which Dreams Are Made

November 13

Newsletter: November 2012

February 13

2012 Annual Report


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