Annual Report

July 1, 2022 – June 30, 2023

To restore the identity of children, so they can realize their great value and be a blessing to others.


   We Believe

We believe each one of our kids has incredible worth and a unique, God-given purpose. We believe our kids will make the world better and brighter. We believe this work is sacred and has eternal value.


We risk relationship. We risk the pain of rejection. We risk our whole-heart investment. We risk because we believe in who our kids are destined and created to be.

   We Fight

We fight the lies told our kids by society and those echoing down from their pasts. We fight stigma, educational gaps, addictions and unhealthy family patterns. We teach our kids to fight for themselves.

   We Explore

Our kids are not cookie-cutter, so neither are our methods. We explore how best to work with each child, constantly seeking new and better ways to meet ever-changing needs.

   We Do

Every day, with our words, our actions and our time, we do. Through day-after-day investment, we change the lives of kids in the present and effect generational change that ripples throughout the future.


Campus Family Financials

Yearly Fun Facts

Gallons of Milk


Boxes of Cereal


Loads of Laundry


Rolls of TP


Gallons of Gas


Tubes of Toothpaste


Hours of Carpool


Number of Showers


Doctor Appointments


Hours of Therapy


Income & Expenses

A copy of the Audited Financial Statements is available upon request at the ACH Business Office.

ACH carefully stewards every dollar raised and ensures all mission activity goes toward supporting kids in need. Foster care contracts require a high level of reporting to external agencies, directly impacting our administrative costs.