Using your gifts at ACH is the chance to gently shape young people’s lives so they can learn to look outside of themselves, their circumstances, and their past...


It is the privilege to look inside a child, to the spark of who they really are, and to speak truth to encourage the flame to burn brighter. It’s the responsibility to be a strong shoulder when a child’s burdens are overwhelming, to encourage a child to learn, explore and make mistakes in a safe place, and to teach a child a better way for next time.

Amarillo Children’s Home offers its employees excellent benefits, an enriching and supportive environment, and the rewards that come from actively making a difference in children’s lives.

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Within each of our homes lives the heart of our success: our House Parents. These husband and wife teams are teachers, role models, self-esteem builders, guides, and spiritual mentors.

At Amarillo Children’s Home, House Parents are highly valued, well-prepared and well-supported professionals. New House Parents receive nearly 80 hours of training and observation before they begin working on their own with the kids, and they continue to receive additional training throughout their years of service.

In addition, House Parents gain ongoing support from a Home Life Specialist. This support system is available 24/7 to guide the House Parents through any questions or difficulties they may have.

An Assistant House Parent provides two days off per week for the House Parent couple and ensures consistency for the children.

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The Assistant plays a vital role in the lives of the children, providing consistency and stability during the House Parents’ days off. Assistants receive nearly 80 hours of training and observation before they work on their own, along with continued training.

There are full-time and part-time Assistant roles. Full-time Assistants have a fixed schedule of 3 days per week, affording them days off to pursue school, hobbies, or additional careers. Part-time roles vary in their schedules, and some work on a flexible, as needed basis. Overnight Assistants, full or part-time, provide continuous awake care to monitor children’s safety and security at night. For more information on these roles, contact the HR Manager (see contact information further below).

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To apply for House Parent or Assistant positions, complete the corresponding application.

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Administrative Positions, when available, are typically posted on commonly used job posting websites. The administrative staff members serve in a variety of roles ranging from state licensing compliance, supervision, case management, record-keeping, financial, fundraising and program oversight. To learn about administrative employment opportunities, contact the HR department at

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If you have any questions about our application process, the different positions, or our organization please contact us at:

Business Manager/HR Department
3400 S. Bowie
Amarillo, TX 79109