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Out of a single decisive moment

In 1923, Dr. R. Thomsen, minister for what is today’s First Presbyterian Church, and some friends, including civic leaders Guy C. Saunders and Allen Early, Sr., were meeting for coffee when they saw three children standing outside, crying. The children were orphaned, hungry, and in need of clean clothing. At this critical point, these men chose to act: to feed and clothe the children and find them proper care.

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Our Campus

90+ years building community

Amarillo Children’s Home now has seven homes on its campus and invests daily in our young people, fully expecting that as we do we are inspiring individual life change as well as generational change through children. We care for about 45 children, ages 5 into young adulthood, who come to us mainly through the foster care or judicial systems.

The love, structure, sense of belonging, and training the kids receive here allow them to give back to their community as respectful students and athletes, diligent workers and volunteers, dedicated moms and dads, and honest businessmen and women.

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Who we are

The heart of each home and the campus is the consistent love and compassion provided by our House Parent couples, the Assistants and every other adult on campus as they seek to bring up these children – challenging them and providing them with a variety of opportunities so that they might grow into well-rounded, Christ-centered individuals.

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