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How we make a difference


Generational change happens through children. By restoring a child’s identity, we can make a positive difference, both in how that child engages the world and in their posterity.



Working with people is risky. We risk the rejection and pain with kids making choices that will hurt them. We risk struggling toward healing with those who will return to hurtful situations. We risk love. Every day.


We’re scrappy. We see each child’s value in Christ, and we call out who they can become as loudly as we can to counteract the lies that bombard them. We won’t give in.



We are not satisfied with the status quo or the path of least resistance, however, good it might seem at the time. We press on to be even more effective and we refuse to settle for good enough.


Since 1924, we have not only recognized need, but we have stepped up to do something. While our kids, as well as our methods, have changed with the times, we remain those who do each and every day.


Every donation helps change lives.

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