10,080 Minutes

When someone feels the true worth of who they are because you stopped what you were doing and made life about them, you have hit on an essential component of Moment Making.  – Carlos Whittaker


A week of sunrises and sunsets – 10,080 minutes of marking time and making moments, of the mundane and the marvelous and finding beauty in each.

We all get so few chances with our kids to step out of the ordinary, out of the day-to-day sameness of breakfast, school, work, homework, dinner, chores, bed, repeat.

Sometimes, at ACH, we only get one.

MAKE THE MOST OF EVERY OPPORTUNITY… OF EVERY MINUTE, every chance to show kids their value, to make them feel special, to open their eyes to who they are and to the beautiful world around them, to build into them a sense of adventure and a passion for truly living.

Be intentional. Be intentional. Be intentional. Be intentional. Be.

Spring break for the cottages of Amarillo Children’s Home ran the gamut – reflecting the range of experiences that might have happened in families across Amarillo.

Some of us went to the beach, learned to surf and visited amazing creatures at the aquarium. Some traveled to New Orleans on a mission trip – helping in a school, in a community garden and in various service projects around the city. Some went to New Mexico, froze in the Blue Hole, were amazed at Meow Wolf and experienced new restaurants. Some stayed in Amarillo – painting, grilling, buying books and bikes with saved up birthday money, raking up a widow’s yard and having fun at the park, at Cinergy and at a hockey game.

The experiences vary, but three common threads run through them – 1) a conscious working out of our mission to restore the identity of children so they can realize their great value and be a blessing to others, 2) a specific a focus on family – spring break at ACH is about building and strengthening relationships in our homes and 3) none of this happens without YOU – through your investment, lives are restored mundane minute by marvelous minute.


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