KAA 2018:
Challenge Course

July 18

Marcus was able to make it through Day Two, even with a rough lunch. He persevered through his anxieties and fears and was able to participate in the remaining events of the day. On day three, ACH staff was nervous as Marcus was scheduled to...

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KAA 2018:
First Full Day

July 17

Marcus had a hard start this morning. He was allowing his fears and anxiety about Battle Grounds to get the best of him. By the end of breakfast he was trying to throw up, had an elevated blood pressure and was shaking. His counselor worked...

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KAA 2018: Arrival Day

July 16

The closer to leaving for Kamp, the more Marcus’ anxiety grew. Several days before we were scheduled to leave he came to me and said “Miss, I don’t think I can go to KAA anymore.” When I asked him why not he said, “I’m just...

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December 22

That Of Which Dreams Are Made

November 13

Newsletter: November 2012

February 13

2012 Annual Report


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