The Next Race

To restore the identity of kids so they can realize their great value and be a blessing to others.

One of the complexities of the mission statement of Amarillo Children’s Home is that it doesn’t have a finish line.

In fact, every supposed finish line is really the starting line to a new race. This has been strikingly apparent in the relationship we have had with one of our young men, Robert*. During his nearly 6 years with us, Robert has overcome an amazing number of life struggles including dyslexia, homelessness and personal hurdles. Now a high school graduate, Robert holds down a full-time job while he attends Amarillo College – by all standards, a success. His societal accomplishments, however, are secondary to the change in the person he has become – in reality, Robert’s achievements are a natural result of WHO he has become.

As for Robert, through his experiences at Amarillo Children’s Home, he grew to understand who he was created to be and began to make different decisions resulting in a focus on new priorities. As for ACH, Robert continues to teach us lessons about who we are and who we are becoming as an organization.

Robert crossed the finish line of high school this past May, turning 18, and successfully transitioning into “adulthood”. During that same time-period we further explored what it means to truly be committed to kids and their futures. Family isn’t seasonal, family is committal. If we are to be committed to the restoration of identity, we have to be all in.

This expanded mindset resulted in the purchase of a home across the street from Amarillo Children’s Home (through the generous commitment of an ACH Donor) to be our new independent living home – a home that provides the opportunity for identity restoration to continue.

This is the race we were invited into as we crossed the finish line of Robert’s success at 18. We realize that part our job as “restorers of Robert’s identity” is to consistently endorse Robert that he “has what it takes to navigate the next season”. This requires a deeper commitment both to Robert and to our mission statement. If we are in the business of restoration, we are in the business of continued commitment.

One thing I love about being a part of Amarillo Children’s Home is that I am surrounded by committed people: employees who say “what can I do to make this work” and a community of donors who say “we will come along side you” and who support our mission statement.

Robert knows that behind his efforts, he has a dedicated force of folks who are rooting for him, praying for him and working towards his success.

Thank you for being a community that not only helps us address the intense need of our area’s foster kid population, but also encourages us to stick with kids to dig deeper and restore their identity so they will know their great value and be a blessing to others. The resulting healthy future-adults will impact our community as they grow up and become civic leaders. Generational change is being accomplished at ACH. Thank you for being a part of the answer; you are a valuable part of this life changing work.

Thanks for loving kids,

Darrin Murphy
President Amarillo Children’s Home

PS. Stayed tuned for the story about this new home and what it means for Robert and others like him in the coming newsletter!

*name has been changed


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