A Chance To Succeed

Chris*’s life was ruled by the negative decisions he was making – decisions that were harming himself, his family relationships, his education and his future. His mother made the hard decision to place him in care, and after a few months elsewhere, Chris came to The Children’s Home. When he first got here he was very angry and didn’t know how to control that anger. Chris was experiencing a lot at The Children’s Home that was helping to shape him into the man he was created to be, but change began in earnest when he got a job in fast food and really began to enjoy the fruits of trust and see his hard work pay off.

A big test came when Chris messed up a customer’s order. “The guy was angry and yelling at me. I just said, ‘I’m sorry sir. Do you want me to make you a new burger?’ Two or three years ago, I probably would have taken that burger and thrown it in his face.” Now, Chris says he can see clearly; he can look at things from a different perspective and control his anger. Recently, one of his managers went to work for Rosa’s and asked Chris to join him there. It was both an honor and a good move. “I got a raise!” At Rosa’s, Chris is on the “varsity tortilla-dropping team” – apparently that fun-to-watch machine is more than a little finicky.

Chris has also graduated from high school and is in his first year at Amarillo College. “Two years ago, I wasn’t planning to graduate. I didn’t even want to graduate.” He has decided to stay at The Children’s Home. “I think I have a better chance of being able to complete college if I stay here. They help keep me in check. They’ve given me everything I need to have a chance.”

*name has been changed


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