A Great Big Family

After we returned to camp from white water rafting yesterday, we topped off the day with the best talent show ever. No one was left out. We had singing, dancing, jokes and sketches, an Abbot and Costello “Who’s On First” routine, a Bible rap-off and more… there was something for everyone.

I am amazed by our kids’ range of talent. I am amazed by their bravery as they risked getting up in front of others to perform. I am amazed by their response to those who were on stage.

Some of our kids showed off skills that would blow you away… others… there is no other place where they could be the hero. Where else does the awkward, nervous, off-key and difficult-to-understand teen get cheered just as loudly (actually, more loudly) than the gregarious, self-confident, popular kid?

It was so inspiring to watch – the more a child struggled, the more our kids in the audience encouraged, applauded and celebrated.

It was a glimpse of heaven…..

I am continually amazed by these kids. In my 25 years of working with kids I have never been around kids who rooted for others to be successful the way these kids do for one another. Every single one of them has seen tough times and has worked hard to become who they are. They have learned through the example and coaching of the adults at Amarillo Children’s Home the joy and the privilege of cheering others on to success. We are teaching them what families do: families celebrate victories and walk through pain together, and in the end they have a blast doing it.

I asked one of our kids, “What has been your favorite part of camp?” Her answer brought tears to my eyes. She replied, “Being part of a great big family.”

We’re so glad you are a part of our family, too!


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