A Little Love Goes A Long Way!

This blog post is from one of our house parents. It is about one of our kids not only needing just a little extra love but giving just a little extra love. The way it reads is a social media post just before lunch, a social media post just after lunch and a texting conversation about the day. I hope you all enjoy reading this blog. It’s a little different than normal, but it showcases what we do here every day for our kids.

Just before lunch:
About to surprise one of my kiddos with lunch! She just needs extra love today!

Later in the afternoon:
This will be long…
It turns out that when I took my kid lunch today she was not the only child needing a little love. There was this sweet special needs child and every time she went to sit by someone all of the kids would scoot together and climb over each other just to get away from her. They were saying ugly things to her and even trying to scoot her away from them physically. My heart was crushed as I watched this sweet girl being bullied. I then looked at my kid and asked her what she thought we should do. She looked nervous knowing her decision would come with the backlash from the students later, but she said let’s ask her to sit with us ( I was so hoping she would say this). We called her over to our table. All of the kids turned around and looked at us so hatefully. I knew my girl would have a long day for doing the right thing. My girl shared her lunch! We laughed and talked with her, and we just told her that she mattered and wasn’t alone! When lunch was over, I whispered to the little girl to be brave. I was so proud of my child especially because she too once picked on this same girl! I was so proud she chose to do the right thing! I’m not going to lie, I had tears in my eyes and had to exit quickly (and everyone that knows me knows I’m not at all sensitive, I just have allergies)! So anyways tomorrow my daughter and I will surprise two girls with lunch, so they know they are loved and not alone…..and yes for those wondering I spoke to an adult about the treatment of this sweet little girl!

Part of a later texting conversation:
…it was just so special because my girl is usually the bully and she has wanted me to take her lunch for so long, and I kept telling her when she can make good choices and take care of her responsibilities for a while then I would. Well, I got to thinking that she might not get lunch until high school! So I realized I’m doing it wrong, she just needs my love! One of us had to take the first step, and maybe she was just waiting for me. She has had a rough couple of weeks getting in trouble at school, etc. She needed to know that I love her in spite of all of that; if you could have seen her face when I showed up it was priceless! She just needed me to be present in the one place she struggles the most; School. She was so amazing to that kid today.


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