The Ties That Bind

Ty* is important to me just because he’s my little brother. He looks up to me, and I try to be a good role model for him. If anything goes wrong, we’ll be there for each other… I really missed him (when we were separated). I cried every day, I missed him so much. I kept asking, “Can my brother come here? Can my brother come here?” Then, I wasn’t so sure about it (when I found out he was coming to live here). I was worried he wouldn’t recognize me. I was nervous – he used to run away a lot, and I was afraid that he’d run away and wouldn’t get to stay… but if he hadn’t come here, I wouldn’t know him.

Brothers and sisters are important. We know this at our core. The sibling bond is powerful – complex and intense, full of frustration, jealousy, intimacy and love.

About 2/3 of children in care have a sibling also in care. Most don’t get to live together – usually because there aren’t many places that can care for large sibling groups, those with wide ranges of age or need or those of different gender. For these kids who have already been through great loss, this additional casualty is excruciating.

The Children’s Home is unique: not only are we able to care for siblings, but we can meet their varied needs while they live in close proximity on the same campus. It’s not always something we can do, but we make it a priority – even if it means stepping out on a limb.

Such is the case with Ty. Because of his tendency to run away when things get tough, we know it won’t be an easy journey. We also know that this remaining family bond is going to be central to life and success for both of them.

This isn’t a tidy story – all neatly polished and wrapped. It’s pretty messy, and we’re only at the beginning. We work all the angles, hold our breath and pray for a happy ending – there is so much here that needs redeeming. But we know who our God is, and we can see what He has already done as we’ve committed to walk alongside this brother and sister. We know whatever happens, taking this chance is the right thing.

Right now, we have 6 sibling groups at The Children’s Home: 19 kids who continue to build those treasured relationships.

Not long ago, a tragic fire took not only the home they knew, but also the life of Ty’s and Shay’s baby brother. On the anniversary of the fire, Shay wanted to visit his grave. She was devastated as she struggled to find it because there was no headstone.

To give closure and peace to Ty and Shay, and to honor their baby brother, we would like to purchase a headstone for the grave. THIS NEED HAS BEEN MET (9-16-13). THANK YOU FOR HELPING US BLESS THESE KIDS, HONOR THEIR BROTHER AND BRING CLOSURE. WE ARE CONTINUOUSLY IMPRESSED BY OUR COMMUNITY!

*names have been changed


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