Because You Give…

Our kids can change the world.

They can go after their dreams and catch them, too, because it’s amazing what kids can accomplish when they know someone loves and believes in them, and when they are equipped for success.
They can be good parents because they know what a family should look like and how to treat those they love with respect, kindness and grace.

They can love and respect themselves enough to make good decisions because they know that they are worth making good decisions for.

They can be good employees because they know how to work hard, how to be responsible and how to be servant-leaders.

They can give back to the world around them because they have compassion and tenderness for those in need and know the addictive joy of blessing others.

But it’s not just in the future.

Our kids are changing the world right now.

They are putting others first – serving in their homes and in the community, praying for the hurting, using their own money to buy gifts for families in need.

They are learning to, through words and actions, bring joy to the world around them.

They are volunteering, befriending the lonely and spreading kindness.

The world is a better place because of our kids.


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