Change The World

Our kids can’t all be straight-A students; they won’t all be thespians or star athletes or stand out for their leadership abilities. Not all of them will get great jobs, get a bachelor’s degree or “climb the ladder to success”. While these are all fine goals for some of our kids and outright expectations for others, they are not our highest aspirations for any of them. At The Children’s Home, our mission is this:

To restore the identity of children so that they will realize their great value (in Christ) and be a blessing to others.

Seeing this is what makes us most proud – makes our eyes shine with delight as we say, “It’s happening!” And it is, in fact, happening…

It’s happening when, after church one Sunday, one of our youngest on campus, unbidden, approached Joe Wood after he had recently had surgery to let him know that her family had been praying for him. Then, taking his hand in hers and looking up at him with her big, sweet eyes, she asked, “Would you like me to pray for you right now?” She prayed with such intensity and sincerity that Joe said it was “one of the most precious things he had ever experienced.”

It’s happening when one of our girls’ homes decided to use their own money to purchase craft supplies for Eastridge Baptist’s Kingdom Kids afterschool program, then spent time hanging out with the kids there.

It’s happening when one of our younger kids homes was out purchasing Easter clothes and came across a homeless family. Our kids were moved to give the family some money and to invite them to dinner.

It’s happening when our campus volunteered at Snack Pak 4 Kids over Spring Break and our kids gave willingly of their “free time” to serve those in need.

It’s happening!


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