Coming Home

The Children’s Home is a place where kids land, often wounded and ill-prepared for life – needing wings mended, courage built, skills taught. We want to protect them, shelter their growth, keep them close until we know that they are ready. But we cannot make them stay – cannot force them to wait patiently for the timing we deem best.

Sometimes they fly away.

Like seventeen-year old Kaitlyn*, who arrived at The Children’s Home two years ago because of an unstable home life. She was given the opportunity to move into a foster home, but quickly discovered the situation wasn’t what she had dreamed it would be; she needed to get out. What then?

Like Tanisha* who was twelve when she arrived in 2010, then returned to live with her mom a few months later. “Of course I wanted to go home. Most kids want to live with their families.” She just knew it would be better, but it wasn’t. What then?

Like 19-year-old Keisha* who placed herself here as a senior, then got engaged and moved to Denver to be with her fiancĂ©. When she discovered that it was a mistake, what then? When they choose to walk away and find themselves in a situation that is not what they had hoped it would be… when they see grass greener only to find it an illusion when they get there… when they feel like they don’t have the right to ask to come back, but desperately need to… what then?

Then, we get to be an extension of God’s beautiful grace and love, thankful for the chance to welcome these kids home again, to count them among ours again. Grateful for the chance to say, “you matter,” by making a flying trip to Denver to rescue one – to demonstrate to that one that we’re truly here to help – that we truly care. We get to be family.

Every gift given to The Children’s Home provides much more than a place to stay, clothes to wear and food to eat. Your gifts are used with intention and purpose to make homes and families, to raise children into healthy adults, to provide safety nets that all teens and young adults need, to spiritually sow into lives in a way that prepares them to love on others in need. We humbly thank you for your gifts.

*names have been changed


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