Family Camp is Next Week!

Most of our 40 kids at Amarillo Children’s Home know very little about positive family bonding experiences. We want to change that burden. So we are packing up the entire campus and driving to Colorado this week for our 5th annual Family Camp. What is Family Camp? It’s this and more.

From the van ride out of the state (many for the first time)…to the hikes in the forest. Teaching kids through new experiences has a high return on our mission to restore the identity of kids, so they will understand their great value and be a blessing to others. Will you help us create memories and experiences that will have a lifetime of impact?

We show our kids that we will do whatever it takes to communicate how valuable and loved they are by God, by us…and by YOU. Family Camp is also SO much fun, and we need your help to make it happen! Go to our online giving page or visit our Facebook Page to become a Family Camp sponsor. It’s not cheap to provide the full experience of Family Vacation.

Please join us by giving online today, and take a moment to pray for life changes for each of our kiddos. Family Camp can only happen thanks to generous people like YOU. Thank you for loving kids and for making good stuff happen!

Happy Summer!

Darrin Murphy's Signature

Darrin Murphy, M.A.B.C.

PS Our whole campus is traveling to the mountains of Colorado THIS WEEK to create memories and grow as a family, and experience how much God loves us. Please pray for miracles this week!

PPS Will you join us this summer in the great adventure of helping to restore the identity of our kids so they can realize their great value and be a blessing to others? Please respond TODAY!


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