Happy Thanksgiving

Thanks-giving is a quality learned. While a well-cooked Turkey stuffed with Grandma’s secret recipe dressing is a catalyst for gratitude; the art of being thankful is often an attribute learned. Part of the fulfillment of our mission statement; Restoring the identity of kids, so they will understand their great value and be a blessing to others, is introducing and discovering thankfulness. You are a wonderful part of that process. Your giving allows us to talk about how others in the community care for us and help us accomplish our goals. Your generosity lets us move into the lives of kids and help them discover thankfulness.

We do this by:

  • Teaching kids to look for and find daily positives
  • Telling others what we appreciate about them (gratitude)
  • Putting others first and not seeking our own needs
  • Keeping our negative self-talk in check
  • Letting kids earn things rather than creating an environment of entitlement
  • Giving experiences knowing that thankfulness is practiced not absorbed

The journey of taking kids from painful backgrounds into a world that allows them to be thankful is a wonderful calling. We couldn’t do it without you! The restoring work of the Children’s Home is a community effort. So as you enjoy a month focused on thankfulness know that we are grateful for your investment in the changed lives of kids.

Thank you for loving kids,

Darrin Murphy, President
Amarillo Children’s Home


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