I want to stay…

“I want to stay,” she said.

Bravery is underrated in our world today. It works itself out often in the form of courage, engagement and in things that are draped in fear. In a world that encourages comfort and success; weighty characteristics are often bypassed. Bravery doesn’t come naturally or overnight; it’s earned. For this young lady, it began when she walked in the door of The Children’s Home and met people that were “her new family”. Bravery was developed when she risked allowing new relationships to be different than her past abuse. Her bravery matured when she began to believe what the adults around her already believed that she was created for a purpose and that she is valuable. She began to believe that the world would be less if she didn’t engage it. She began to prove her bravery as she fought through adversity and explored who she could be if her identity was not anchored in the past, but instead in the opportunity of the future.

She is now successful, but I would argue that success is a minor outcome. I want her to know that she is brave! Successful people live from event to event hoping that they can keep the run alive. Brave people look the world dead in the eye and lean into it regardless of the outcome. Bravery will involve success and also failure, but it is defining. People with courage are to be admired.

“I want to stay,” she said. A brave decision. This young lady was given the opportunity to go “home”, to go back to the comfort of her known past. She could have freedom, she already out earns her parents financially and would be considered successful. “In two years I would be addicted to drugs…have a couple of kids….” I WANT TO STAY at the Children’s Home. She chose bravery over comfort.

At The Children’s Home, I appreciate that others describe our kids as successful. I love to watch our kids work, save and buy their first car with cash that they have earned. I love to see the A/B honor roll on their report card and to watch them play varsity athletics. I appreciate that they are successful and look forward to celebrating many more successes. I, however, hope that when others see our kids, their success pales in comparison to their bravery. It is a common thread within all of our kids at The Children’s Home. It goes from the most successful kid on campus all the way to the kid that is struggling the most.

Success is encouraging, but bravery is inspiring.


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