Meet Me in the Middle

An adventurous soul with a heart for helping and a passion for living.

Creative problem solver. Thoughtful meeter of needs. Joyful giver & do-er.

Patty Schneider

I like that I can help Amarillo Children’s Home in their work to help children rediscover themselves.  -Patty Schneider

When Bob Schneider moved from the Midwest to Los Angeles in 1970, he was ready for life in an exciting, fast-paced city. The highlight turned out to be meeting Patty Hartsough in Marina Del Ray and going for long walks together on the beach. Bob was quickly smitten, so when he got an offer from his friend, Sam Marmaduke, to move to Texas, he knew he had to convince Patty to join him.

The two adventure-lovers eventually settled in Amarillo, raising their two daughters here. Patty dedicated herself to her family, her work as a teacher and her volunteerism.

During a tour of the Amarillo Children’s Home campus, you could see the wheels turning in Patty’s head as she absorbed the challenges our children faced and considered how she could help. She’s been involved ever since – Bob jumping right on board with her.

Patty is artistic and enthusiastic, and she brings that energy to everything she does – looking beyond the surface for needs to meet and coming up with creative ways to contribute. Patty loves that by being involved with ACH, she can share in the journey of supporting children and helping turn their lives around. She has also made the needs of House Parents her concern – recognizing these hard-working couples can’t pour into kids if their own pitcher is empty.

From two different worlds, Bob and Patty “met in the middle” in Texas and the Amarillo community has reaped the blessing. Patty lost Bob in 2021, but the ripple effect of their inspiring lives coupled with their heartfelt love of this community will continue to impact Amarillo Children’s Home and the kids who live here for years to come.


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