Reflections On Our Final Day at Camp

Thursday was our last full day of camp. It was filled with similar challenges as Tuesday as the teams rotated through the schedule of events. Those who rappelled Tuesday did the ropes course Thursday…  those who fished Tuesday went on a hike to “bear’s cave” Thursday…

Then came the end of the day, the end of camp marked by our traditional dance party which followed a service and a time of prayer. The topic of our week had been freedom in Christ, and watching our kids dance and laugh was an indication they had received the message. They moved in freedom.

Dance night is an opportunity to be silly and laugh and be care-free. Dancing is an outward expression of joy from the heart – one which requires a sense of security and acceptance.

Dancing requires being vulnerable.

It’s no accident that dance night happens on our last night at camp; it’s because of all that has happened during the week that the dance is such a success:

What lingers with me from our time at camp is the sound of kids cheering each other on.

From different locations from all over camp I would hear a bustle of voices which would morph into the chanting of someone’s name, which would erupt into a cheer. This was music to my ears.

At camp, I had the vantage point of being removed and watching from a far. What I saw was a well planned camp: a schedule that made sure each child experienced everything possible, out-reaching their own expectations.

As I took in the camp, I had a glimpse of how God views us: anticipating and meeting our every need, right on time, while providing opportunities for us to experience amazing things if we will take the risk.

Family Camp also affirmed how important it is to have a community of people around us cheering and chanting our names – how such acceptance and affirmation reflects the love of God and allows us to freely be who God has created us to be.

Thank you for being part of the community that cheers for the kids of ACH!


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