Sharing the Mission

A Passionate do-er who invites others to come alongside.

Donor. Volunteer. Understanding Encourager and Vocal Advocate.

Emmy Mitchell is no stranger to the pain of a fraught childhood. Raised by a single mom who did her best, Emmy experienced minor CPS involvement along with the insecurity and instability that accompanies poverty.

“We were very poor. I was that super-poor kid who thought everyone was rich besides me. So… I can relate, and I have a heart for the girls at Amarillo Children’s Home.”

In 2018, Emmy was shopping at United and had two separate carts of groceries – one for her own family and one for a family in need. As the baggers helped her load her car, one teenage boy asked, “Why do you have two grocery carts?” When she explained, he responded, “So, cool, you should help Amarillo Children’s Home.” He went on to tell her he lived here.

Emmy was often in the Wolflin neighborhood and drove by campus regularly. Not a person who typically experiences such things, she kept hearing what she believes was God’s voice telling her, “You need to go inside. You need to stop by.” So, she did.

Walking into the administration building to get information on volunteering, Emmy was told, “Perfect! We’re hosting a lunch & learn today, and you’re right on time!”

Impressed by the mission, she and her husband, Wade, became regular donors, and Emmy went through the process to become a volunteer. In 2019, she brought several coworkers to our Christmas party, and colleagues Adrian and Edalia started volunteering with her.

Time spent in one of the cottages has made a strong impression on Emmy. She loves the structure in the home and how the House Parents call out the best in the kids. One of her favorite things is how ACH makes kids feel wanted. “I struggled as a kid to feel wanted. If you can feel really wanted, you can heal.”

“I had to overcome so much from my childhood, so I know it’s easy for the ACH kids to believe lies. But I want to encourage them. I want to be an example to them that they don’t have to be limited because of their beginnings.” -Emmy Mitchell


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