Spring has Sprung!

For Our Donors : Past, Present and Future!

I love spring in the Texas Panhandle…. we made it through another winter and are witnesses to a new beginning. The wind (and some dirt) as well as the spring storms, breathe new life onto everything around us, and we can see it in the budding of the trees and the flowering of the first daffodils.

The same is true here at The Children’s Home. Many of our great kids have been through a “season of winter” in their lives when they come to us. Our 45+ kids, ages 5 to 18+, come to us mainly through the foster care and judicial systems so they have endured some very tough times in their short lives. Although the work is hard, it is our mission to provide them with some shelter from the harshness of life. A sense of family, a new definition of love and the security of daily needs met are just part of the picture of life here. Our ultimate goal is to restore their identity so that they realize their great value and become a blessing to others.

We have the privilege to witness new beginnings on a daily basis. We show them what their world can become and watch them transition into young people who believe that an amazing future awaits them. We are so proud to share that 100% of our teenagers at The Children’s Home have graduated from high school since opening the TLC Cottage as compared to a 50% national graduation rate for foster kids.

Thank you for being a part of this hard but rewarding work. We appreciate your investment in the lives of these great kids. As you observe the beauty in a panhandle spring, remember that you play a vital role in the new beginnings at The Children’s Home.



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