Step Into The Light Of Grace

She has lost all faith – the struggles of life make her angry and confused. Why is everything so hard? Why is her mother making bad decisions, and why is her brother following in the same footsteps? Why did her grandma have to die? Life is overwhelming, and she is drowning in depression.

She is listening to the radio, flipping through the stations, commercials on all of her favorites. She lands with a sigh on KLOVE, the only one with music, and begrudgingly lets it play. After a minute, she reaches to change the channel, but is stopped cold by the song that comes on, “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again.” It speaks her own story right to her.

She breaks down in tears knowing, KNOWING, God is speaking to her in that song, and it is a statement of love. It gives her hope. She starts listening to KLOVE and singing along. She begins looking up verses from the songs and reads the Bible. Singing connects her to God.

Fast forward. She lives at Amarillo Children’s Home. The rough times are not over. Still, singing draws her deeper with God, lets out her emotions and makes her feel close to her family. It’s a private, deeply personal activity.

She normally sings only in the bathroom or car, and those around her encourage her to sing more – she has a beautiful voice, they tell her. She has trouble believing it – people used to pick on her when she sang.

She is urged to join the worship team, but fear holds her back. She talks to several campus adults about her longing and her fear. Encouragement and expressions of value flow around her and wash over her.

Summer brings her first ACH Family Camp and talent night. She decides to perform the song God gave her. She’s not singing for the audience, but to Him. When she’s done, the crowd erupts, cheering. Her entire cottage practically tackles her on stage, so proud of her.

Talent night continues. During a technical difficulty, John, the MC, is floundering on stage – trying to sing “The Dock of the Bay” but only knowing one line. Classic Rock is her specialty, and she can’t bear to see him struggle. When he asks her to join him, she doesn’t hesitate. She can’t leave him up there, all alone, fumbling through the song.

At camp, she decides to give her life to Christ. She confesses she no longer wants to hold on to pain and to things out of her control.

A week later, she auditions for the worship team, and will soon be singing before a larger audience, for an audience of One.

She is still struggling. She often feels… wrecked. The rough times are not over. Even so, she has hope, an outlet for her emotions, adults and kids who lift her up and faith in a God who demonstrates He cares. She keeps singing.


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