The Narrative of Our Lives

One of the perks of my job is that I get to spend time with really cool people. I spent a day with Donald Miller last week. Miller is a New York Times best-selling author. His life and current message of “living a better story” is resounding significantly within me.

We discussed that every story involves a person who feels helpless, but wants something. There is always an antagonist or conflict in the way of accomplishing a change until a guide steps in to provide empathy and wisdom. As a result, the victim becomes the catalyst for this change, better known as the hero.

This resonates with me because I am surrounded by heroes daily. The kids of the Children’s Home ARE heroes. They are not victims that need to overcome their past. They are not kids that need to be successful in spite of their past. They are heroes because of their past and I am so proud of them. Don reminded me that heroes are never perfect. They have problems, doubts, and fears. They just have to make the choice to move forward.

This is the story that surrounds me. Kid after heroic kid moving forward and writing a better story in their lives.

I am so thankful that my story is not completely written yet. I still have time to change the chapters. I want my story to be full of heroism and opportunities to be a guide for others. God is allowing me to be a creative part of His narrative.

Why shouldn’t I/we write a better story?


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