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Dusty Doyle and his wife Jaime love worship: they love leading worship and teaching about worship. They also deeply love their girls and want to make being missional together part of who they are as a family. So when Darrin Murphy mentioned the need for someone to lead music for STIR – the summer service at The Children’s Home – the Doyles saw it as the perfect opportunity to do both.

“Darrin is one of my best buddies.” said Dusty, “I’ve enjoyed seeing him step into his role here – I love his vision and leadership for The Children’s Home. I wanted to support him – and support the kids here who have loved on my Dad while he’s been on the Board.”

The Doyles began coming Wednesday nights for dinner, worship, games and a service with the kids. Their girls loved it, and when the need came up for a worship leader at Family Camp, the Doyles once again stepped in.

“We told the girls going into it – we’re going to have fun, but we’re there to serve them.” Jaime said, “We came back having been loved on and served. The little kids made fast friends with the girls. There was’t a meal that a kid didn’t give us help. They were loving on the girls – the biggest, toughest boys getting down eye-level with Molly.”

The Doyle girls loved it so much that, a few weeks later when it was time for her birthday party, Molly wanted the little kids home to all be there to celebrate with her.

“These are great kids for our kids to be around – they’re respectful, loving… just all-around great kids” “We hope the kids here see there are plenty of people who want to love them and want the best for them – not just the people who work here, but people in the community who want to get to know them and be friends with them.”

At Family Camp, one of the most influential events was when the kids were given stones and told to put onto those stones the things they were done with – things they wanted out of their lives. Dusty and the girls then took all of those stones down to the river, prayed over them and threw them back in the river, symbolizing those things were gone.


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