We Fight

I am that hero!


– Roxanne Ritchie, Megamind

We are empowering and equipping our kids to be everyday heroes – to defend each other like family, to encourage those who are struggling and to respond with loving action to those who are in need: to be those who see a need and who step out to be a blessing to others.

One of our tools for shaping heroes is our local Missions Week. This year we, among other things, scraped an painted an apartment house in San Jacinto. We thought you might enjoy hearing about this experience directly from the hearts of those in our youngest home:

I think it was fun because we all worked together and helped each other. At first the house we painted looked all kinda wrinkly, and we had to get that off. Then we had to paint it with prime… then we did the black… I thought it looked amazing when it was done. – Amanda*

Sometimes we wanted to quit because it was so hot outside, so we cheered each other on. We pushed ourselves very hard so we could do it. God wants us to work hard and help our community. – Keisha*

I just kept working and my Dad (Lou) said “Good Job” because I didn’t stop and talk. I was there to work and help other people. It made me feel happy inside to put others before ourselves. Almost all day we colored that apartment. It was hot, but it felt like a vacation where we help people. – Ella*

Since Jesus died for us, it makes us kinda like him because we’re doing his will… it’s kinda like dying on the cross for others. We’re doing it because it makes Jesus happy and we get closer to him. – Mbali*

They get it – that when we’re helping someone else we’re being the hands and feet of Jesus.


It’s translating into our home as well – this past week we were having a time of prayer. One of the girls was going around and laying hands on the ones who were hurting and praying for them. Another girl was struggling and the others gathered around her to encourage and pray for her. – Lou Holt, Family Teacher in our youngest home

We’re shaping heroes for our community and our world. GO TO GIVE NOW TO BE A PART!

* names have been changed


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