We’re On A Mission

We are really fired up about our new mission statement. In fact, the entire Children’s Home campus is whole-heartedly embracing this endeavor to teach, train, and guide each child towards being a blessing to others.

We also know that service opportunities give our kids the chance to move from “victim” to hero – to be someone who, through kindness and humility, brings life and healing to others. The life-change and impact our kids experience through serving is real and lasting.

As an organization, we are being challenged to grow beyond single instances of helping others and into a lifestyle of being a blessing to others. We will be spending this summer introducing our campus as a whole to several outlets for service in the Amarillo area as well as encouraging our kids and families to learn to see the needs around them and to respond of their
own accord.

We’re excited to grow in this way and to celebrate as we each learn to make the world around us a better place.


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