A Profile Of Giving

Neilyn Griggs Maloney
1929 – 2017

A heart for others. A birthright of generosity.
A gift that is > as its impact grows from generation to generation.

In life, Neilyn Griggs Maloney lived with an open heart and open hands – generous with her time, intellect and money. In her passing, her life-long legacy continues through a gift left in her will, along with a gift from her mother’s trust, to Amarillo Children’s Home (ACH). Neilyn also desired to leave a tribute to her grandparents, father and step-father, and to particularly honor her grandparents and the memories she treasured of time spent with them visiting ACH and delivering shoes to the children here.

Born and, to an extent, raised in Amarillo, Neilyn led an interesting life. When Neilyn was young, her mother, Christine Russell Griggs Rauh Hignett, married Neilyn’s step-father Stanley Rauh. Neilyn had a wonderful relationship with Rauh, an original staff-writer for the New Yorker and, later, a screenwriter known for his witty dialogue (most famously for work on Laurel and Hardy) at the dawn of the talkies.

A student at Amarillo High, Neilyn, herself, was quite intelligent, and wen on to obtain her BAS in English and Chemistry, Her MA in English and Chemistry and her Law Degree.

Though Neilyn lived elsewhere as an adult, she retained a heart-connection to Amarillo with warm recollections of attending Central (now First) Presbyterian and those aforementioned visits to ACH. Neilyn, her mother and her grandparents are forever a part of the community of “our people” living on in the many lives of the children their generosity has touched.

If you’ve been inspired to continue your own legacy or to honor a loved one by giving a gift in your will, learn how at or talk to your financial planner.


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