AHHH…The Strategic Days of Summer

WE NEED YOUR HELP. While most families embrace the leisurely schedule of Summer; our family at ACH will begin the deliberate work of fulfilling our mission of “restoring the identity of kids, so they will understand their great value, and be a blessing to others”.

Because the kids of Amarillo Children’s home are kids that come from situations of abuse or neglect, their Summers have not been filled with memories that may have been afforded to many of us in our childhood. For them, Summer was full of long days without the safety net and structure that school may have provided for them. At ACH, we have learned that we can’t just hope things will be different for kids. We have to be the source of change for kids future. We choose to enter the struggle. (or ) We Choose to Fight!

Summer is game time for us. While it may merely appear to be recreation it is a strategic approach to restore past experiences with new life giving memories. Through the deliberate exercises of activities like: family camp, local missions week, and weekly STIR meetings (dinner/games and a message), ACH creates moments to build deep relationships with kids. Summer provides intensive time for the adults
of ACH to impact kids and create generational change.

This work cannot be done without your support. Your financial involvement creates the opportunity for kids to experience what “Mike” communicated during a previous summer “to finally get to be a kid”. You are greatly needed to make this summer a summer that strategically changes lives.

Thanks for loving kids,

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