Back to School!

Is there a more complex day than the first day of school? Whether you are a Pre-K student or navigating your senior year; it is a day full of decisions. What do I wear? Where should I sit? Who will I eat lunch with? It is a day full of anxiety. Will others like me? Can I pass this class? Will I make new friends? It is also a day full of potential. Blank slate! New beginnings! Opportunity to grow!

As the leader of an organization that will send 45 kids to their first day of school; I am very aware of the importance of this day. These are brave kids! These kids are the first step in the generational changes that will take place in their future families. These are kids that have overcome amazing obstacles just to show up at school on the first day. For many of The Children’s Home kids, it will be their first day in a new school district. I hope they are good at math and pass their English classes, but more importantly, I hope they know that they belong; that they have what is takes to be successful. I hope that they meet good friends and have good teachers that realize their great value. I hope they can apply their ability to overcome to their academic journey. Most of all I hope others see them the way that God sees them; He has created them powerful, full of potential, and valuable.

We have spent an entire summer building into them, fighting to accomplish our mission statement of restoring their identity, creating value and teaching them to be a blessing to others. I hope they remember the moment this summer when they overcame their fear repelling the cliffs at family camp and that it helps them face the fear of starting new at a new school. I hope that summers mission week translates to their proactive service of their classmates leading them into deeper friendships. I anticipate that the adventure of river rafting broadened their minds to embrace new possibilities. It has been a long, productive summer full of our campus community and the community of Amarillo pouring into the future of these kids. I am confident it is going to be profitable.

I look forward to the stories of the success of these great kids. Please join with me in praying for their first day of school and the beginning of a new year.


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