KAA 2018: Arrival Day

The closer to leaving for Kamp, the more Marcus’ anxiety grew. Several days before we were scheduled to leave he came to me and said “Miss, I don’t think I can go to KAA anymore.” When I asked him why not he said, “I’m just not ready.” I tried to reassure Marcus that he was ready and he could do it, but his eyes said he wasn’t buying it.

Sunday morning Marcus was at the administration building by 4:45 am nervously waiting to head to camp. He did great on the ride, interacting well with his peers and was respectful and kind. We arrived at KAA Registration and he was still able to hold it together. Then it came to drop him off at his Kamp and his fears, anxieties, and doubt overwhelmed him. He and his housemate devised an idea to get into the same cabin. The adults at the camp consulted with ACH staff and realized it was a plot conceived in fear and anxiety for both boys. The boys were asked to go to their originally assigned cabins and ACH staff left to get settled in their own cabins.

At dinner there was Marcus participating (at least a little) in his cabin’s cheer. This is how we RISK! Marcus may not make it through camp…. But I know that God has him on this mountain for a purpose, even if it is just to face his fears for tonight. I go to bed thankful that I have the opportunity to experience what God has planned for Marcus on this mountain and am prayerful to see how it unfolds.

Read on about the rest of the week. Day Two is HERE. >>


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