The Constant Care-er


Kristen Elms

Executive Administrator of Compliance & Compassionate Problem Solver. Personally invested. Steadfastly committed.

The need is always going to be there. There will always be kids who need our help. We’re the ones who have to adjust to the changes around us, but the constant in all of it is that we’re always going to have the opportunity to help kids.  – Kristin Elms

For 23 years, Kristin Elms has quietly and consistently given of her gifts and heart to the kids of Amarillo Children’s Home. Nearly 1/4 of our 100 years she’s been here helping to ensure ACH is strong and ever improving. Currently the Executive Administrator of Compliance, Kristin has worked in many positions throughout the organization, starting as an Assistant House Parent which granted her insight into the kids and into cottage life and made her uniquely effective in her many and varied consectutive roles. Today, her job includes managing a database to keep an up-to-date record on each child in our care as well as ensuring ACH is meeting the necessary standards to be in good standing with the state.

Though her job is tracking the day-to-day data of each child, Kristin finds the most joy in the beginnings and the endings here at ACH.

“When a kid gets here, they’re scared. This is a new place… they’re very apprehensive about what the next 30 minutes is going to look like. To see them half an hour later – they’re laughing, and they’re happy and that fear is gone.”

And endings? Seeing an Alumni be successful in his or her own way. “That success story may be they live on their own and have children who are not in the foster care system.”

This work is intensely personal to Kristin – it became so back when she was an Assistant at Thomsen Cottage – the girls she worked with there will always be HER girls. Being here for the kids is worthwhile – it’s what has inspired Kristin to serve and what continues to drive her. She’s seen a lot of change through the years, but one thing remains the same –all kids need to be loved and to belong. That will never end. And that is why she keeps going.


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