Creative Connection

Two Amarillo sisters with a heart for our mission.

Invested in every way.

Sara Walsh & Emma Rohrs

Good works is giving to the poor and the helpless, but divine works is showing them their worth to the One who matters.  -Criss Jami

In 2018, Emma Rohrs journeyed to the country of Jordan for a mission trip with a small team of women. She roomed with Dr. Joy Berry, a long-time Amarillo Children’s Home donor and former board member. .Their hearts quickly connected, and Emma expressed a desire to continue ministering in Amarillo, her hometown. Joy introduced Emma, her husband Bryson, and Emma’s sister, Sara Walsh, to ACH.

They attended a Roots & Wings event together and began giving financially. Emma and Sara got an even deeper look into the restoration happening within the children in our care when they came on campus for the Roots & Wings experience last year.

Through their own non-profit ministry, “We Find In Love,” the sisters have offered ACH kids unique art experiences designed to facilitate healing through individual expression. Last summer, they provided our girls with art supplies and journals – a safe and creative space to express their hearts while focusing on God’s redemptive love.

They included tips and tools for managing emotions for good mental health. Most importantly, Emma shared, “It just gave us a chance to love on the girls!” They recently gifted each child in every ACH cottage with a pillow case and tie-dye kit so they could have a little end-of-the-summer fun through art, and, in this case, messy, self-expression.

Sara shared how much joy she gets from seeing all the creativity ¡owing from each child as he or she makes something new. Emma added, “We know that they’ve all been through a lot …but these kids are so joyful and happy!”

These sweet sisters have given generous support and heart-felt outreach, and they feel a deep connection to our mission. Emma and Sara embrace God’s unwavering love for each child at ACH. We are thankful they continue to be a part of this community who invests generously in His restorative work.


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