Family Camp 2018: Day 1

Camp is in full swing. I unfortunately had multiple meetings that were weighty enough to keep me back so my arrival to camp was delayed a day. I was bummed to miss an evening and morning of camp but it gave a perspective I was not anticipating. My family and I pulled into camp just as the sun was setting and camp was completely quiet. I have done this enough years, that quiet and camp are usually a bad mixture. The silence however was the result of the entire group being packed into a little chapel. As we walk in they had just finished singing and begun a discussion; the topic revolving around believing who God is and trusting with our actions even if we don’t understand completely at the time.

I can’t define it, but to see the entire campus, adults and kids sitting so tightly together….It looked and felt like the definition of family.

Coming late allowed me to be caught up on the day from others perspectives. After chapel around the campfire I got caught up.

The kids perspective:
The kids were so excited. I was overwhelmed with language like: we almost died on the drive up, it was awesome! (There is a 7 mile narrow dirt road with shear drops leading to camp). Others said: I repelled today, you know what that is right….its jumping off a cliff. Kid after kid came to me to tell me that they had done something they thought previously impossible. The entire group took a night hike to a lookout over looking Colorado Springs at night. The combination of a sense of overcoming fear and the amazement of their day was palpable.

Adults perspective:
The adults were amazed by the kids. One after another the adults told stories of their amazement as kids powered through fears on the climbing wall, or how after some encouragement they tried again and succeeded at a challenge. The adults were as genuinely giddy as the kids to tell about the day and all that they had witnessed in the kids. The adults undeniable care for these kids is inspiring. They believe the best in these kids.

As I reflect here is my perspective:
This is the secret sauce of ACH. When kids are placed with adults that selflessly love them and are invited to experience aspects of life that previously were not accessible; it is fertile ground to accomplish our mission. Restoring the identity of kids, so they will understand their great value, and be a blessing to others doesn’t happen without the intentional efforts of caring adults spending time with kids that are being stretched. That is happening here at Bear Trap Ranch.

During share time in chapel, it was asked; “How do you know there is a God?” A young girl spoke up confidently. “I know that there is a God because I am here.” Never has there been a more true statement! Her arrival at ACH and now at a little camp in Colorado is clear communication, from a loving God, that her past is not her future. He has big plans for her, plans to continue to amaze and encourage her.

Thank you for making this happen in the lives of kids at ACH. You are not just funding family camp, but generational change. If you would like to continue to help make this week happen, please go to our giving page and give to family camp. We are so thankful for those of you that make this happen in the lives of kids. It is working!




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