Good Sport

The greatest lessons I’ve learned in life, I learned in sport.

Fitness is a lifelong pursuit that goes hand in hand with faith. – Todd Pratt

Jabari* is a born athlete. You can tell that much just by looking at him. It’s an athleticism which draws people to him, but it is not the sum and substance of who he is – he is joyful, magnetic, brave, a born leader and, most of all, a child of God. Jabari is one of the many reasons we’re involved with 7 Athlete.

7 Athlete was born from problems Todd Pratt, Amarillo native and former conditioning coach for Texas A&M University and the Seattle Seahawks, saw with professional and youth sports. Todd recognizes sport as the canary in the coalmine alerting those paying attention to the decaying spiritual and moral fabric of society. Through God’s calling, he wants to help people get back to the root of what is important in sport, life and faith.

The pairing of The Children’s Home and 7 Athlete was very clearly divinely orchestrated. “It’s no coicidence that The Children’s Home and Duggar Sportsplex where 7 Athlete is held are such a short drive apart.” Led by people of the same mentality and drive, it’s a natural fit. “The Children’s Home kids are the catalyst for us moving forward. They’ve taught us what we need to do to evolve. 7 Athlete wouldn’t be where it is or where it’s going without The Children’s Home.”

Jabari wanted to become involved with 7 Athlete to improve his speed and agility, but he gained so much more. Todd and The Children’s Home staff recognized and encouraged Jabari’s leadership skills. Even when he wasn’t working out, Jabari’s Family Teachers made sure he was there. He took the leadership ball and ran with it – consistently encouraging kids, racing them and giving them high-fives. Todd also connected Jabari with strong, spiritually rooted men outside of The Children’s Home who can help mentor him and build on the foundations The Children’s Home is working to establish.

“There are so many athletes out there whose worth is defined by their sport. When that’s gone, they don’t know who they are. They wonder ‘what am I worth?’ I want Jabari (and every kid we work with) to have his self-worth rooted in God’s love for him, not in how well he does in football.” The Children’s Home and 7 Athlete are working with a common goal in mind: to ensure that every child knows they are a priceless and precious child of God, well-loved, with many talents and a whole lifetime to positively influence the world.

Every kid needs a person to boost them up… It makes me happy to be that person. – Jabari

from an interview with 7 Athlete’s Todd Pratt

*name has been changed


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