KAA 2018:
Challenge Course

July 18

Marcus was able to make it through Day Two, even with a rough lunch. He persevered through his anxieties and fears and was able to participate in the remaining events of the day. On day three, ACH staff was nervous as Marcus was scheduled to do the challenge course in the morning and he had stated multiple times the day before that this was something he “could not do!”

The morning went by and there were no calls from KAA2. ACH staff were cautiously optimistic that Marcus had been successful on the challenge course. ACH staff met late morning with Marcus’ counselor and discovered that Marcus had done the challenge course, fully participating without one complaint. Marcus’ counselors, cabin mates and ACH staff BELIEVED in Marcus and helped him BELIEVE in himself. Through the power of the holy spirit, Marcus was able to overcome his fears and is now fully participating in KAA!


December 12

Merry Christmas!

November 26

Saying Goodbye

October 9

The Next Race