Little Sweet Things

What has been your best time since coming to The Children’s Home?

I got to have a birthday cake. I have not ever had one before.

Birthdays as a child are magical things – days of wonder and excitement iconized by a birthday cake decorated just so and glowing with the mysterious power to grant wishes to the lucky one who can blow out all the candles.

For many years now, the ladies of Westminster and St Luke’s Presbyterian churches have provided birthday cakes for our kids’ birthdays. Sometimes lovingly made, sometimes carefully chosen for just the right decorations, these cakes are so much more than just a cake, they are expectancy, hope, joy and yumminess all wrapped up in a baked good smothered with frosting.

Perfectly complementing the cake, the First Presbyterian ladies give a gift to each child: money! The pride and feeling of freedom that comes with having your own money is something the ladies of First Presbyterian have been giving our kids for over 25 years.

What sweet kindness to restore beauty to the birthdays of our young people and, in turn, show them their own value and worth. Thank you ladies.


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