To Raise A Child

A few years ago, Bob Goff, author of Love Does, wondered how many helium balloons it would take to lift up a child. So, in true Bob Goff fashion, he gave it a try. His caper was a rousing success (1,000 balloons, give or take, raises a 40 lb. boy, for the record), but it leaves us with another question: how many adults does it take?

For any child the answer is “as many as will lift them up in a healthy manner.” For the young people of The Children’s Home, it is doubly so. We see an incredible need for caring adults to come alongside each one of the children here to be voices of encouragement, voices that give life to developing qualities and voices that guide our children through challenges. Our kids don’t need someone particularly clever or wise or cool – just an ordinary adult open to God working through them as they spend time hanging out with one of His children.

Children that come in to our care desperately need positive adult role models, and mentoring opens the door for you to make an impact in the life of a young person in a deep and meaningful way. If your heart and your imagination are stirred, we’d like for you to pray and consider if this is an investment that’s right for you… then don’t stop at thinking about it, take the next step.

Call us at (806) 352-5771 to let us know your area of interest.


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