KAA 2018:
Final Days

Day Four: Cross Talk
Marcus has settled into camp and is doing well. When staff met with him at Harambee he shared that he had made connections with his counselors and they continued to help him work through his fears and anxieties. He had a smile on his face and was full engaged in camp. Tonight is the reason #WeDo camp. It is Cross Talk night. Cross Talk provides the story of the crucifixion with a contemporary story that the youth can relate to. It is intense and realistic and provides many youth a chance to see the reality of what happened on the cross for the first time. Youth are then provided an opportunity to accept Christ for the first time or to rededicated themselves to their walk with the Lord. It is the pentacle of the KAA experience and always worth DOING.

Day Five: WHOA!!! Day
Marcus has settled into camp and is fully participating and we are thankful that he was been able to persevere. Today is WHOA (Worship Him On Any day)! It is a celebration of all those who accepted Christ for the first time or rededicated themselves to the Lord. Each camp has a morning worship service. It is also bell ringing day! Every new youth who as accepted Christ as their Lord and their savior gets to ring the bell at their camp. We had one young man ring the bell at Kamp One. God has allowed ACH to use KAA to EXPLORE new ways to bring kids to know Christ and we are grateful.

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December 12

Merry Christmas!

November 26

Saying Goodbye

October 9

The Next Race